Check Me After Dark (Single)

Zion I Kings

This Zion I Kings produced track is a unique, heavy dub reggae banger. Laced with trippy synths, psychedelic vocal pieces screwed and pitched throughout the track and a heavy weight drum and bass groove that locks into your subconscious. The composition was originally tracked with live drums, bass, guitars and organ all through an SSL console at Dungeon Recording Studio in Miami FL.

In the past fifteen years or so fans of real authentic reggae music will undoubtedly have filled quite some space on their shelves with albums released by I Grade Records, Lustre Kings or Zion High Productions, whose producers and musicians in 2006 joined forces under the banner of Zion I Kings (ZIK), The latter can be regarded as the holy trinity of modern roots reggae production that produced worthwhile conscious roots reggae albums with artists such as Glen Washington, Messenger Selah, Ziggi Recado, Cornell Campbell, Midnite, Akae Beka, Pressure Busspipe, Jahdan Blakkamoore and Lutan Fyah. Besides that they also produced several roots juggling projects and dub albums, thus more or less covering the whole spectrum of reggae music

This latest Zion I Kings dub single, Check Me After Dark… release is in anticipation of another full length dub album The Digital Ancients, coming soon on Lustre Kings Productions, from this ever prolific production team.

For almost two decades, Lustre Kings Productions has become synonymous with modern roots reggae music and fostering burgeoning talent. The independent label has carved a name out for itself grounded in positive dancehall and reggae music. ‘Check Me After Dark…” delivers, once again pushing the envelope of the dub reggae genre, introducing a fresh sound amongst a familiar roots feel, while remaining true to innovative musicianship and forward thinking production that is lasting.

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