Upward Spiral


Originally from Guyana, BLAKKAMOORE quickly moved to Brooklyn where he was living in the hip- hop culture from his young age. With these various origins came the wish to mix sounds and cultures having now his own style between urban music and tropical reggae dancehall. He became a high value in the musical industry playing and working with artists like MAJOR LAZER, DJ PREMIER or SNOOP DOGG for who he wrote many tracks on the SNOOP LION album: REINCARNATED nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2013.

On the new album UPWARD SPIRAL, BLAKKAMOORE demonstrates how reggae and hip-hop are linked by their stories, origins and influences. We can enjoy his oiled and charismatic voice on reggae music or urban sonorities. When tempo goes faster BLAKKAMOORE still feels comfortable and his flow keeps its fluidity. This new urban reggae album offers versatility and creativity from the talented BLAKKAMOORE who sings toasts and raps so easily.

His charism and experience make him a complete artist which brings back reggae music to the front of the international stage moving it away from the established clichés. This is the reason why SNOOP DOGG himself features on this new project on the “Get Down Tonight” track: the perfect example of a dancehall / hip-hop meeting. BIGA* RANX digital Dub scene icon joins BLAKKAMOORE on the excellent “Skyscrappers” for a high-level collaboration where both voices and flow give us the reply. Finally, on “Earth Cry” you’ll hear AKAE BEKA the deceased MIDNITE’s singer, this band which had big success around the world with a mystical aura.

A qualitative cocktail served on rich and various productions reviving worldwide reggae scene and gathering more people around aesthetics which finally can be one

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